Yeah, Boxing Day gets a mention all its own! :)
This was my second holiday season in Cairns celebrating with Nik's family. I am not sure I will ever get used to a hot Christmas Day but it sure is nice to have sunshiny weather on Boxing Day and New Years! As usual going to Cairns involved lots of family, visiting friends, eating, and checking the internet waiting for good reef weather... We had a delicious Christmas Eve brunch and Christmas Day breakfast and dinner. Then there was Boxing Day... It is no wonder Christmas is the favorite holiday for this family!

Overall there was lots of cricket watching (and some playing!), lots of eating good food, and lots of sleeping over the holiday break.. In the hot weather naps are really key. We spent a few days on the range at Nik's parent's house - very relaxing and beautiful... I always find some sort of wildlife to chase. This time it was butterflies and kookaburras.... By the way, I was voted most improved cricket player of Boxing Day. I was really bad last year... Guess all the cricket watching is paying off! Cricket is fun!

As for the weather, Nik and I were able to sneak out one day for a flick with some friends at a protected little beach called Pretty Beach. We walked along the rocky and mangrovey shore and within 5 minutes Nik had a fish! He saw it (and 2 others) before he even had his line in the water. We had to be stealthy and quiet for a chance to catch these fish but once one took the hook it was all crashing and thrashing! Nik was in the water doing some fancy maneuvering to keep the fish from breaking the line in the tangle of mangrove roots... Quite the sight for me! My first glimpse of the infamous Baramundi! Unfortunately we didn't have a camera so this drawing will have to do...


I didn't catch anything except a rock in my shin caused by a flip-flop blowout, but overall a good day! Nik as usual was the big fisher that day with the baramundi and a spectacular baby cod... :)



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