“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
    A lot has happened since my last post... We have been busy tromping around the area (and Nik overseas), fishing, kayaking, and working... Of course we know who has the real job around here but I have been staying busy between finishing a contract, writing a paper, learning Forex trading (how's that for random), and general self-improvement... Soon we start Bahasa Malay lessons! Very excited!

    In late January I was invited to go to Cole's Bay with some women from the Queensland Underwater hockey team (an ex-co-worker of Nik's has a family cabin there...). It was a welcome diversion while Nik was away on a business trip. What a wonderful group of awesome women! We went hiking, fishing, eating, played Bananagrams and generally just had a great relaxing time! We were in Freycinet NP, known world-wide for its Wineglass Bay - voted one of the worlds top 10 beaches by someone...


Coles Bay


    I hope Nik and I get to go back there before it comes time to leave this island! The beaches and ocean views are amazing and the sunsets sublime. It would be an incredible place to step out of the tent and have a cuppa together.

    And now we have this great kayak - a two-seater set up for catching fish!


There she is!

If we had been keeping a tally of fish caught so far the whole left side would be covered in tick marks! ;)

A fish story? maybe... maybe not!

So far we have taken the boat for a spin here in the harbor off of our neighborhood pier, out to Bruny Island for a camping trip, and to Dodges Ferry.

We caught a total of 15 fish in an hour or two in the harbor. We found the honey-hole of baby flathead, and had our first look and subsequent taste of Australian Salmon... Don't get too excited - they aren't really salmon - not pink inside but a nice white fish sort of like a mackerel but lighter and less oily!

Bruny Island


Bruny Island for the weekend was great! We covered nearly the entire island... We camped at Adventure Bay which is in the middle. The first day we went south to explore and have a fish at Jetty Beach. (That's where the fishy photos above are taken.) Definitely a place to go back to for a few days!

Reel 'em in and pass 'em back to Niko for processing!
A mighty Wrasse! Fish seem bigger when you are working out of a kayak with very light gear!
PictureWhile I ate oysters and the fish got away with my bait, they didn't get away from this guy!

The next day we fished around in the north. There was a lot of boat action out on the water but we found a quiet bay and tried our luck... which wasn't good till we landed for an oyster snack and started fishing with bait!.... Then the game was on!

Dodges Ferry

The best fishing spot we have found so far is... I am not gonna tell you where it is! Ignore the title of this section!! :)
    When we went kayak fishing out of Dodges Ferry we learned a few things...
    First, if people are surfing, no matter how small the waves, find somewhere else to put the kayak in!
    Second, if flathead aren't biting the bait within 30 seconds, fish somewhere else.
    Third, if they are biting, then stay there.
    Fourth, if you catch legal size flathead... 5 is probably the minimum amount you'll need to keep in order to cook up a good dinner for two! (Good thing the limit is 30!)

Kayak on the beach near the best fishing spot... full of flathead!
Now that's a flathead! ... Tasmania style....
I won't bore you with the other stuff though I will say I am pretty excited about FOREX trading... and becoming rich without a job and traveling the world and continuing on this adventure!
“May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.”
Trenton Lee Stewart